Amazing Ways That VoIP Will Bolster the Functionality of Your Business Phone System


Currently, you cannot run a business without continually advancing the technology to enhance operations. And while some upgrades may appear to be unnecessary, one option that you should not do without is a VoIP system. Although business phone systems are designed to accommodate the needs of both small and large-scale companies, incorporating VoIP will bring your operations an entirely new level of efficiency. So if you have been sceptical about upgrading to a VoIP system, here are just a few of the amazing ways that it will bolster the functionality of your business phone system.

28 September 2018

4 Key Benefits of Structured Cabling


Data cabling plays an integral role in any IT environment. For this reason, it is essential to pay careful attention to your choice of data cabling system so that you have the right one for your business. The right data cabling system will be able to meet your business data needs reliably as well as sustainably. One of the key aspects to consider when selecting a data cabling system is the type.

25 April 2018

From planning permit to building design and beyond

Technology Blog

The world of building designs and permits is fraught with strange pitfalls and complicated bylaws and, before you embark on any property development, you will need to jump through some serious hoops. Before you turn the first sod, the first thing you might need is a planning permit from your local council. A planning permit differs from a building approval in that it doesn't assess the safety, health and amenity of any building.

21 February 2018