Why Should You Consider an Electronic Access Control System?


When you want to improve the security of your office building, you may be considering an electronic access control system. This uses electronic cards as keys as opposed to traditional keys. There are a variety of benefits to choosing this type of security entry system.

You Can Monitor Usage

A great benefit to having an electronic access control system in the workplace instead of regular locks is that you can monitor the usage. You are able to see who has accessed certain doors in the building and at what times. If you noticed that an employee was in the office on a Sunday when nobody should have been there, you will be able to see exactly who it was and what time they were there. You then know who to approach and ask their reason for showing up on that day. By monitoring the usage, you are also able to track down who might have misplaced their card.

The Cards are Easy to Program

You can also program each card individually, giving certain people access to certain areas of the workplace. For example, you can grant only your IT employees access to the computer and networking room. You can have some people's cards only work during regular business hours, or you can give cards to the overnight housekeeping staff, but limit the rooms they are able to get into for cleaning purposes. If an employee quits and they still have their card, you can program it to no longer allow access into the building.

It Can Deter Theft or Unwanted Access

When an employee loses a key to the office, it creates a big risk for burglaries and break-ins if someone dishonest finds the key and knows where it goes to. However, with electronic cards, you can block a card's access as soon as an employee claims to have lost it or had their purse stolen. That way, whoever has the card is not able to use it to gain access into your building.

You Can Verify an Employee's Hours

If you are working on payroll and you want to find out if an employee left work late on a date they claim to, you can check the log of the card. You will be able to see when they used the card to exit the building if you have locks exiting the building as well as entering. Many of these cards are also used for clocking out at the end of the day, which is yet another way to verify their hours and days worked.

If you have questions about what security systems might work best for your business, consider contacting a local specialist to discuss your concerns.


22 February 2016

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