Quick Tips for Using Pin Boards for Home Projects and Artwork

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If you want a quick, easy, and affordable way to add some visual interest to your walls at home, you might try using pin boards. With a pin board as the backdrop, you can add a few of your own special touches that will make the board seem like a piece of art, and in some cases, help you to stay organized! Note a few quick tips for using pin boards for home projects and artwork.

1. Dress up a plain board

You might start with a pin board that is covered in felt, but choose a neutral color and design so you can dress it up and change its look as you please. Add oversized, flat thumbtacks all around the edges of the board to create the look of a frame; change these out when you change out the contents of the board for a fresh new look.

You can also go the opposite route and invest in fabric pieces that aren't so neutral, and that you stretch over the board's front and tack to the back. You can remove and swap out these fabric pieces as you wish, so that you have the look of new artwork whenever you so choose.

2. Calendaring

Create a fun and attractive calendar with your board by stretching decorative yarn or ribbon across the front to create a grid. You can have seven columns for the seven days of the week, or just two columns for weekend days, or however it works for you. Print off some very decorative numbers with your home computer or cut them out of a magazine and tack them into the corresponding grid for that date. You can then use the grid to hold concert tickets, a party invitation, or just notes for what you have scheduled for that day. This can make the board look very decorative and keep you and your family organized as well.

3. Photo collage

A good way to make your pin board look like a work of art is to use your own photos, or those you print off from online. Using your own board gives you the opportunity to create a collage in any fashion you want, and to change it as necessary. Try using all black and white photos for a modern look, or using photos of cities you want to visit if you love to travel. You can also have several small pin boards that tell a story when put together; photos of cities you've already seen can go on each board, or you might use a separate board for pictures of your children through the years.

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21 March 2016

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