The Fibre Optic System Test: 3 FAQs

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Once the DIY installation of a fiber optic system is complete, business owners are advised to have the system(s) tested by a qualified professional.

DIY-minded business owners may question the need to involve a professional when testing a newly-installed fibre optic system considering that they were able to handle its installation, which would seem like a more complex activity.

This article provides three reasons why business owners should invest in a professional when a DIY-installed fiber optic system is to be tested.

Industry Standards And Relevant Legislative Policies

The installation of fiber optic systems is regulated by various legislative policies and cabling industry standards. In a large number of DIY cabling installations, business owners will take a keen interest in getting the fibre optic system up and running as opposed to being interested in compliance with cabling industry standards.

Involving a professional in the fibre optic test becomes necessary for the DIY-minded business owner to ensure that their installation was done in accordance with the standards specified and the relevant legislative policies.

The Question Of Electricity

Modern fiber optic cabling systems have a number of electrical components (e.g. fibre optic connectors) that a DIY-minded business owner will have handled during installation. Electrical components in a fiber optic cabling system could easily be a fire hazard in the business environment if they weren't installed correctly. Thus, DIY-minded business owners should seek a second opinion on their installation work from a licensed commercial electrician. The initial cost of hiring a licensed commercial electrician for a system test is bound to be lower than the (possible) cost of fire damage restoration within the commercial premises.

The Question Of Compatibility

Lastly, professionals need to be involved in a fibre optic system test so as to ensure that the system is compatible with the kind of environment that the business owner intends to use it in.

Various external factors (such as humidity and temperature) can have an impact on cable-related operations within the fibre optic system. A fiber optic specialist will be in a position to assess the potential effects that the mentioned factors will have on the operations of the fiber optic system. He or she will also be in a position to make necessary adjustments in a bid to delay these effects.

For more information on needing a professional to testing your DIY fiber optic system, talk to a data cabling professional in your area.


16 May 2016

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