2 Ways to Secure More Corporate Event Bookings at Your Venue


Private event bookings are a great way to bring one-time revenue to your venue, but securing corporate contacts is the best way to bring in recurring income. Corporate event planners will often reuse the same sites repeatedly for multiple clients or event types, reducing the time and money you need to spend marketing to new customers. However, corporate events often have different needs to weddings and parties. Here are 2 ways to optimise your venue for corporate bookings.

Create a Virtual Tour

Even when started months in advance, event planning is a hectic process filled with dozens of busy days. Viewing a venue takes precious hours away from other organisational tasks, leading many planners to opt for venues they've seen before. While you won't be able to convince an event planner to book your venue without a tour first, you can bring the viewing to them in the form of a 'virtual tour'. Virtual tours are simulated computer tours that replicate visiting a venue in person. They're usually made up of sequenced panoramic images or video that show what a venue looks like. Virtual tours are a quick and easy way for a corporate planner to see what your place is all about. Once they've taken a few minutes to view your virtual tour and get excited about your venue, they'll be more likely to schedule an in-person tour with you where you can convert them into a regular client.

Install a CCTV System

Security can be incredibly important at corporate events, but security guards aren't always enough to ensure the venue is protected. While security teams may be able to control the crowd at a "free bar" awards ceremony, they won't always spot who instigated the problem. They're also only human with two eyes and two ears -- if they're distracted by a problem at a trade show and a theft takes place behind them, there'll be no way of find out who the culprit was. Thorough security procedures are important to protect the company, its employees, and any VIP guests. That's why it's a great idea to install a CCTV system in your venue. Security cameras placed at strategic points can prevent culprits from walking free, identify problem starters, and provide vital proof to prevent lawsuits in the case of an accident. CCTV systems with a free hard copy of all recorded film is a great selling point to give corporate event planners the final push they need to choose your venue. 


31 May 2016

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