How to Improve the Performance of Your Fiber Optic Cabling


Most businesses today rely on network cables to transfer information from a network device such as a computer, telephone, or smart television to the internet or a work network. Fiber optic cabling is one of the fastest technology available today for the transfer of massive data over short and long distances. Although fiber optic cables are known for their fast transmission speed, various factors can affect its performance and result in slower speeds. Here are some of these factors and how to resolve them for better fiber optic cabling performance.

Cabling requirements

It is possible to pick the wrong fiber optic cable for your business needs. There are specific cables that should be used to run certain speeds; therefore, you should ensure that you are using the right cabling for the desired speed. Exceeding the specified distance or picking the wrong cable can lead to a slow network connection. If you are not familiar with fiber cabling specifications, have a professional assess your business needs before purchasing fiber optic cable.

Optical fiber cabling installation

Correct installation of optical fiber cables is paramount for fast transmission of data over the network. In fact, the installation process can even be more costly than the materials themselves due to the precision and expertise required. Poor handling, stretching, or over-bending of cables can result in slower connections. For the best value, you need to have the cables installed by an expert.

Connector terminations

Optical fibers require connectors before they can be fitted with other equipment. The process of adding connectors to each optical fiber in a cable is known as connector termination. The connectors make use of high precision components, usually two pins and a coupling tube. They align the cores of fiber to allow light to pass through. If the connectors are poorly terminated or bent too sharply at the ends, the light passing through will be too limited for the transmission to be connected. Proper connector terminations are essential for high optical fiber cabling speeds.

Connector maintenance

The ends of connector cables should be kept clean at all times for efficient transmission. If the terminals become dirty, they can cause hitches in the network or cause it to fail altogether. You can keep the connectors covered when not in use to prevent accumulation of dust. If this is not possible, have a professional disconnect and clean them regularly so as to maintain high connection speeds.

To get the best value from optical fiber cabling, you should have them installed by a professional IT contractor who can get quality materials, install them correctly, and test the network for proper transmission. This way, you can enjoy fast speeds and improve the performance of your business regarding data transfer and communication.


15 July 2016

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