How to Hit the Ground Running with Your Website Presence

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By now, you should realise that every business needs an online presence. Furthermore, this presence needs to be well thought out, well designed and dynamic, and if you don't have such a property you will invariably lose out to competitors in your realm. If you really need to revamp your existing site or come up with a new solution from scratch, what are some of the key things to bear in mind?

Grab Attention

Firstly, understand that the web is a very busy place. People are used to clicking and surfing, which means that if they do land on your site, you'd better make sure that they stay. You only have a few seconds to convince them to do this once they land on your website, and it's crucial to create a stellar first impression.


You need to begin with a plan. While you may be perfectly familiar with your product or service, don't assume that a visitor will. You will need to map their journey from the moment they arrive until the moment that they become a customer or take the relevant action. This journey needs to be logical, consistent and worth their time, and you will need to keep records of efficiency here by installing an analytics program.


Don't be tempted to go overboard with your website design. Some people fall into this trap and install complex imagery or animations, and this will detract from your message. Furthermore, it can slow down the efficiency of your website, and if it takes too long to navigate from page to page, your visitors are going to disappear.


Your content needs to be informative, valuable and to the point. It should never be wordy, because people tend to skim rather than focus too carefully. Break the content down into short manageable sections and include valid but manageable imagery to make it easier to read.


Link your social sites to the page with the traditional, clickable buttons and allow people to share your content with their friends. This will help generate more traffic to your website and enable you to sell more of your stuff.

Call to Action

Don't forget to include call-to-action buttons that prompt your visitors to register, buy or take whatever form of action you prefer. Don't make them hunt for these buttons. After all, your website needs to be a tool to help you make more money.

Professional Help

If you're playing catch-up in the online presence game, it pays to work with a website designer to help you make up for lost ground. Reach out to a professional website design business for more information.


24 June 2019

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