4 Benefits of Using Bullet CCTV Cameras

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If you want to provide your business premises with an additional layer of security, installing CCTV cameras is a great idea. CCTV systems can deter criminals and help any security personnel stop attempted break-ins or vandalism before much damage is done. Additionally, any footage can help you bring criminals to justice and potentially recover any stolen items.

There are several different types from which to choose, but most business owners find that the classic bullet camera works best. Here are just four reasons why.

1. Visible and Recognizable  

Bullet cameras feature a long outer casing, which is what gives them their name. They are easy to recognize as security cameras and quite easy for people to spot. Though this may initially be seen as a disadvantage, that visibility serves to let people know that the area is being monitored. As such, potential criminals or intruders are more likely to avoid your business and look for an easier target.

2. Detail Over Distance

The long shape of the bullet camera isn't just designed to make it stand out. Thanks to their shape, bullet cameras are able to house larger lenses with strong telescoping abilities. This means that they can provide very detailed images even over relatively large distances. As such, they are great for picking out things like car license plates, which may not be caught clearly on other types of security cameras.

3. Convenient Installation

Bullet CCTV cameras are fixed on mounting handles that can be quickly and easily fitted to walls or ceilings. You don't need to remove the cover when they are relocated, and the fact that many offer flexible positioning means you can simply swivel the camera on its mount to change the area it covers. This helps save time and money on installation and makes it easier to change camera locations as needed. Since the mounting handles themselves require relatively unobtrusive anchor points, bullet cameras don't leave particularly visible signs if they do ever need to be removed.

4. Impressive Durability

Bullet cameras can be installed both indoors and outdoors thanks to their strong protective casings. These adequately protect them against dust and dirt, and they are generally designed to be extremely water-resistant. Some are even fitted with temperature gauges and internal heaters to ensure that extreme temperatures don't interfere with their operation or recording capabilities. This means you can count on bullet CCTV cameras to work in all conditions.

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17 February 2023

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